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When Your Little One is Scared of Monsters:

It’s 2 A.M. and your little one comes jumping on the bed because they saw a monster. What child isn’t afraid of the one in their closet or under their bed? For toddlers, becoming afraid of the dark actually shows that their imagination is developing. They are realizing that the dark covers and "hides" things and can easily imagine monsters or other frightening creatures lurking nearby There are several things you can do to ease the mind of your little one. Here is list of a few things you can try:

*Have a spray bottle filled with “monster repellent” (water). Let your child see you spray the monster repellent all over the room and the rest of the house if need be. Let them spray some too if they want.

*Tell them something like … “monsters can’t live in our house, they are scared of the color white (or what ever color) and there is just too much of that color they can’t stay here.

*Say, “there is, well you know what, monsters don’t like music what if I put on the radio or sing a song to scare them away.

*You eat your vegetables, and the monster knows that so he can’t bother you.

*Don’t worry mommy will scare him off, want to help me… on the count of 3 say ROAR. And the monster will get scared and run away. 

*Daddy monster proofed the house so they can’t get in here. How? With monster repellent, (or what ever you want to tell them you did.)

*Monsters live in Antarctica far away from here. You can add how only nice monsters live in your area if you would like.

*Tell them that monsters don’t like the light. Put a nightlight or even glow in the dark stars/bug/whatever on the ceiling.

*Never force a child to remain in a dark room to "confront" his fear. This can lead to an unhealthy phobia and may be devastating and traumatizing.

*Give them a bag of Magic marbles/dust or a magic toy or blanket.

*Never, tease a toddler, child, or teenager for being afraid of the dark, and do not allow siblings to do so, either. These fears are very real and should not be diminished.

*If the child is old enough, allow him to talk about his fears as a step in understanding and overcoming them. This teaches a child to open up emotionally when he has troubles or concerns. Offer him support, and tell him that nothing can hurt him. Respect his thoughts.

*Allow the child to sleep with a flashlight that automatically shuts off when left on too long (there are many on the market).
*Walk around the room with the child to show him that everything is really the same as it was during the daytime.

*Stay with the child for a period of time, cuddle him, and tell him stories or play soft music in the background.

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last updated 07/14/09